Basically manufacturers of solar modules prohibit from entering the modules, because a point load so-called micro-cracks can cause the solar cell.

The result: The efficiency of the solar cells is reduced and there is a dramatic loss of performance.

The SMB® SOLAR MULTIBOARD distributes the weight of the fitter evenly throughout the solar module and prevents this point load. Due to its special surface structure, the SMB® SOLAR MULTIBOARD provides a stable platform on solar modules and reduces the risk of crashes significantly.


Perfect protection for you and your staff!


Areas of application for the SMB® SOLAR MULTIBOARD


  • Maintenance
  • Cleaning due to dirty solar modules
  • Module replacement due to defects or improper installation
  • Control of solar modules by infrared measurement and electric luminescence measuring for yield monitoring
  • Verification of mounting systems and solar cables


The advantages of SMB® Solar Multiboard 


  • Lightweight, easy to handle
  • Saves time and money
  • Certified by TÜV Rheinland
  • Test certificate for non-slip surface
  • UV-resistant and waterproof


The SMB® Solar Multiboard is easy to handle and efficient to use, saving you time and money. Purchasing Solar Multiboards for your company represents a sustainable investment.


As well as the safety aspect, the waterproof, UV-resistant SMB® Solar Multiboard is very lightweight but extremely rigid, making it practical to transport and easy to handle on solar installations. 


SMB® Solar Multiboards are available in two sizes designed to fit solar panels. Special sizes are available on request. For small PV systems , the use of at least 3 boards is recommended . For larger PV systems should be used at least 4 , better 5 boards.


SMB1020 ( 1020mm ) , is best suited for cross- threaded modules
SMB1720 ( 1720mm ) for transversely and longitudinally moved modules


we look forward to your enquiry


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