On-Grid inverters


   For each photovoltaic system we offer you the right

   inverter. For this reason we have in our portfolio a wide

   range of devices.


    SMA, Kaco New Energy, ABB/Power One, Kostal,

    Solarmax, Fronius, Sungrow, Sunways, Solaredge,

    Delta, Steca, Mastervolt, Bosch, Refusol, Growatt, INVT,

                                                   Huawei, Solis, Samil Power, Solax, Omnik, etc.





          Off-Grid inverters


          We offer for self-sufficient energy supply following

          stand-alone inverters


          SMA , Steca , Mastervolt , Kostal Solar Electric ,
          Mastervolt , Fronius , Studer , Victron Energy , etc.





       Micro inverters


       With this type of inverter you can build your micro

       pv plant with one solar panel or more


        SMA, ABB, AEConversion, etc.






              Hybrid inverters


                 Inverters for On-Grid, Off-Grid and On-Grid with backup -

                 one or three phases


                 FSP502PV-230H-48  FSP552PV-230H-48  FSP103PV-


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